Friday, 16 August 2013

The QWEEN BEAT interviews pt 1: BEEK

QWEEN BEAT is the ballroom production family headed up by Mike Q, and featuring some of the most talented young producers/MCs in vogue life. Some of these folks I have wanted to cover here on CVNTY for a while, so I have decided to do a QWEEN BEAT special series, featuring interviews with three of my favourite artists from that camp. 

Kicking things off it's Anthonyy "BEEK" Badon, a young MC/producer beginning to make serious waves with his tracks and mixes. A supporter of CVNT Traxxx since the very beginning, it seems only right to start off this series of interviews with BEEK, and to showcase his mixtape for Brother Sister Records, which features the best of his own producitons and remixes.

Who is Beek?

Beek is a Southern-Raised, Loud-Mouthed, Know-It-All who is always in some type of mess. Beek gets away with most things that I, Anthonyy, can't.

How do you describe what you do?

I would describe what I do as an “eargasmic experience.”

How did you get involved with the whole ballroom scene? 

Honestly, just like many other people, YouTube! I started watching clips on YouTube and pretty much fell in love with it.

And what do you think of the ballroom scene now in 2013? 

I think it's going just a strong as before.

Can you explain for our readers the different types of "MCing" (commentating, chanting, etc) used in ballroom, and how these are different and might have developed? 

Commentating and Chanting are basically the same things. The Commentator is the MC who does the chanting. Chanting is repeating a short set of words.

How did you arrive at your own, quite unique, style? Both in terms of production and vocally? 

Well, I've always had my own personal way of writing and producing my music. But starting out I was afraid of how the world would perceive it. So I listened to other artist's music and mimicked their kick patterns and such. After a while people started comparing Divoli S'vere & I's style, and said we were “too similar.” That was when I knew I had to change it up and be myself.

What is your favourite production you have been involved in? 

My fav production has to be working with Sugur Shane on “Ckuntie”. 

Who are your favourite ballroom MC? 

My Fav is of course: B. Ames, I don't know if she is even considered an MC or not. We'll just call her a vocalist.

How did you get involved with Qween Beat? 

Well, I didn't really know exactly what Qween Beat was before I met my good friend B. Ames. After I started making ballroom tracks for fun he told me about the group of talented ballroom producers that he was apart of and helped me prepare my first mixtape to send to over to MikeQ.

What does Qween Beat mean to you/ how would you describe it? 

I would say Qween Beat is like a family. A family built of different people, from different parts of the globe brought together by their love for fabulous music.

What does the future hold for Qween Beat? 

I see a successful future for Qween Beat. Once everything is right and the ball starts rolling there's no stopping it.

Can you explain for the readers what "cunt" means in ballroom? 

“Cunt” is a mindset, a feeling. A feeling of empowerment!

BEEK's mix for Brother Sister Records.

1. Beek - Pulse (Witch Dokter Stomp Remix)
2. Kimbra - Settle Down (Beek Remix)
3. B. Ames - Like, Really Cunt (B. Ames Jersey Club Remix)
4. Beek - Blow Ya Smoke (Higher)
5. French Fries - Yo Vogue (Beek Remix)
6. Beek - Boom-Chiki-Boom (ft. Buddah)
7. Beek - JNGLFeevah 8. Beek - Feel It! [UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE]
9. Beek - Like This, Like That
10. Beyonce/Kelis - The Naughty Milkshake (A Beek Mix)
11. Britney Spears - Toxic [UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE]
11. Beyonce - End Of Time (Beek Remix) [EXTENDED VERSION]
12. Beek - Ckuntie (ft. Sugur Shane)
13. Beek x Divoli - Give It To Me Pt. 1
14. $1 Bin x Kilbourne - Hey Hoe (Beek Remix)

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