Thursday, 1 August 2013

BIG FREEDIA vs moaning str8 white people

White Music Fans Are Afraid Of Difference, via Salon

This is actually kinda depressing. I remember hearing the news that the Queen Diva would be supporting the white emotronica band Postal Service, and thought "Wow! That will be interesting and fun!" Unfortunately, Postal Service fans obviously don't see it the same way... 


“An actual twerk team is opening for The Postal Service.  I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Why in the hell is Big Freedia opening for Postal Service?  What, are you’re gonna bounce/twerk your ass, then guilty cry about it afterward?”

Well, crying to the Postal Service is for teenagers a decade ago.  But these are just a few of many tweets from fans at a handful of recent Postal Service concerts who told the world they were “so confused,” and in many cases pretty displeased, by the opening act, sissy bounce artist Big Freedia. For some reason, audience members reacted as if they had no advance knowledge of who would be playing, and attendees in Vancouver, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and especially Seattle thought perhaps they’d been “pranked” by the unlikely pairing of hypersexual New Orleans dance-rap with the light-synthy lily-white lullabies of the Postal Service.  The presence of Big Freedia and her dancers was said to be “inexplicable,” “awkward” and the result of a decision made by someone “on crack.”

Read the (depressing) rest here

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