Friday, 9 August 2013

RIZZLA DJ mix for Opening Ceremony

Loving this mix!

Full interview with Rizzla on the OC site too - def worth a read.
Emily Manning: Could you tell me a little about your academic background? Did your research lead you to discover the sub-genres you explore, or vice versa?
Rizzla: I basically like the same music I did when I was 17, I just started digging deeper over the years. Things I learned from art history, sociology, and gender studies influenced what I’m looking for, how I’m looking, and ultimately what I do with what I find. It doesn’t require education to be responsible and tasteful with what you discover, just a desire to learn where music actually comes from.

How did your time in Trinidad influence your work?
Massively. The sounds, the parties, the secret-but-amazing gay scene. I’m planning to return for a year soon to make music and get to know the visual art scene better.
Read it all here

Been trying to get an interview with Rizzla for a while now, my fingers are still crossed...

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