Friday, 20 June 2014

Charted by HOUSE OF TRAX

Woop! Made it into the HOSUE OF TRAX BAllroom Top Ten for Don't Watch That .TV (<- link)


MikeQ ft Teresa – Make U Gag
Junior Vasquez – If Madonna Calls [ tribal break mix ]
Vjuan Allure – Kid Conga
Vjuan Allure – The Urge
Kingdom – Stalker Ha
Beek – Super Sonic
Rushmore – Couture
First Choice – Love Thang
Rageuos Projecting ft Kevin Aviance – Cunty

Monday, 16 June 2014

VOGUE BRAWL 2014 pics

Just a few pics from the DJ booth at Saturday's Vogue Brawl - a grand ole time was had by all! (more pics here)

^ That queen got chopped for her horrible granny shoes!

Congrats to Vogue Brawl 2014 winners:

Banjee Stoner Girl: KIM THOMPSON
Serving Fish Realness: CAKE MOSS
Tranimation: SARAH ANGEL
Punk Rock Princess: LILL
Fkd & Busted: CRUSTINA
House Of The Year: HOUSE OF ANITA


Saturday, 14 June 2014


IT"S BACK! So get your house in order and werk the catwalk for any of these categories: Stoner Girl Banjee, Serving Fish Realness, Rebel Girl Punk Rock Princess, Tranimation, Performance, Fucked & Busted, Drag King & House Of The Year. Doors 11pm, £5, Islington Mill, M3 5UW. Prizes:

Friday, 13 June 2014


The latest produciton from the House Of Tranarchy in association with our good friends at the House Of Ghetto - he absolutley will not stop until you VOGUE:

Concept: Darren Pritchard
Director: The Niallist
Camera: Pam Van Damned
Styling: Sheela Blige
Starring: Darren Pritchard, Lauren Khirey Russell, Loz Russell, Sheela Blige, Pam Van Damned 7 Morganna Bramah
Music: Brad Fidel / CVNT Traxxx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Voguing films by Vice/Noisey

OK, I've had my issues with Vice in the past (even though I write pretty regularly for Thump/Noisey) but here's two films they have produced recently about the modern NY ballroom scene. Well, involving it - the Icy Lake film also throws back to the late 90s and the long forgotten track of the same name which was an anthem with certain voguers of the era. And big up to MikeQ and Qween Beat, even though that film is 1000% too short! Anyway, enough words, just watch:

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

post-PARIS IS BURNING vogue films playlist

I put together a playlist of short films (and short extracts from longer films) that people should watch once they have seen Paris Is Burning. These films fill in some of the gaps of PIB, give background details and information, and show where ballroom culture is at right now - which is important, as I feel people watch PIB and think they all there is to know about ballroom, which leads to this vibrant, living, breathing, evolving culture being dismissed as some kind of "90s relic", which plays into the kind of co-option and exploitation Madonna is guilty of. VOGUING IS NOT DEAD, IT IS ALIVE AND BETTER THAN EVER!

On this playlist you will find extracts form How Do I Look (the unofficial sequel to Paris Is Burning), footage of Crystal LaBeija in "The Queen", rare footage of Willi Ninja and pier kids voguing in the late80s/early90s, a film about the lost ballroom "classic" Icy Lake from LA's Fade To Mind label, a very short peek inside Vogue Knights (NY's weekly voguing showdown) and a look beyond the US scene to the modern voguers making Paris burn.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

VOGUE BRAWL / Tranarchy in Manchester Evening News

Nice little interview with us about Vogue Brawl in the Manchester Evening News. You can read the online edition here.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tranachy pres PARIS IS BURNING screening - FREE!

As is traditional in the run-up to Vogue Brawl we're showing PARIS IS BURNING for free at Islingotn Mill. More details on the Facebook event page.
It's that time of year again - Tranarchy's VOGUE BRAWL is happening on Saturday June 14th at Islington Mill, and in what is now becoming a tradition, we will be screening the cult classic documentary PARIS IS BURNING in the run up to the event. A classic piece of queer cinema, this amazing documentary will teach you almost everything you've ever wanted to know about vogue and house ball culture. It will be accompanied by a selection of voguing short films and debate and discussion of the issues raised is very welcome!

If you can't make it - here's the film, in full. If you haven't seen it yet WATCH:

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Having gotten a bti sick of reading about how fabulous London's queer scene is atm, I decided to put something together for Thump about what's going on here in Mcr. I didn't think they'd publish this but they did! Kudos to Lauren and everyone at the site. :)

Bored of London's Queer Club Scene? Manchester's is Wild and Wonderful

Hey kids, wanna know how the media in the UK works? Here's a rule of thumb: if something is not happening in London, it's not happening. If a music scene doesn't have an outlet or any representation within the capital, then it obviously must not be happening anywhere in the country. Everywhere outside London is filled with behind-the-times bumpkins, who are desperate to emulate the forward fashions and tastes of swinging London.
Well fuck that noise. Right now, regional scenes are the healthiest they have ever been in the UK. In a way, you could even thank London for it - by ignoring what is going on around the country, these scenes have had a chance to flourish. 
I live and work in Manchester. Before I moved here, I lived and worked in Glasgow. Both cities have incredible live music and clubbing scenes - gay and straight, DIY and commercial. I'd like to tell you about some of the awesome shit that is going on in Manchester right now, particularly on the queer scene.

Monday, 2 June 2014

FACT MAG PREMIERE: CVNT TRAXXX "Make Love (Vjuan Allure Remix)

FACT have premiered the awesome VJUAN ALLURE remix of my track "Mak3 L0ve" (available on the Cannabis Kitsch EP on Knightwerk):

Vjuan Allure‘s impact on the early days of ballroom house is substantial – he’s been spinning and producing for over two decades, and claims to have put out some of the earliest releases in the genre. He’s far from a relic, though, working with the likes of Night Slugs, Fade To Mind and Mad Decent in the last few years.

Last week, FACT contributor Niall Connolly – aka ballroom producer CVNT TRAXXX – caught up with the producer to talk about past triumphs and future plans. As a supplement to that article, we’ve been furnished with an exclusive stream of the Vjuan Allure remix of CVNT TRAXXX’s ‘Mak3 L0ve’. Click below to stream it in full.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

My VJUAN ALLURE interview for FACT Mag

I spoke to Vjuan about ballroom, the krash and a lot more, for FACT Magazine:

An influence on the new generation of ballroom DJs such as MikeQ, Vjuan has been DJing for almost 20 years, and his appeal is broader than just the American ballroom circuit: he is a beloved guest of both Night Slugs and House Of Trax in London, Fade To Mind in the US, and the Angels Of Love crew in Rimini. More than any other DJ, Vjuan connects the deep, dark, tribal house of the ’90s to the current fresh-as-a-daisy vogue house sound, and he’s never once failed to make an audience move in all the times I have seen him play, even to avowedly “two left feet” type crowds. I caught up with Vjuan at Streetstar to ask him a few questions.

You’ve been doing a lot of production work this year – what releases have you had recently and what’s coming out in the next few months?

Wow, so many things coming, I’m going to try and name them all. I have stuff ready for Mad Decent, Night Slugs, Fade To Mind, Hot Mom, Paradox 410, FEELINGS, and more, many more remixes coming. Recently I’ve completed work for CVNT TRAXXX, Cherie Lily, Somepoe, Roxy and The Ride Committee and more. I know I’m forgetting some, but it’s a lot.

You’ve been travelling around the world and DJing a lot too – where are some of your favourite places to play and why? Anywhere left you still want to go?

I love traveling and it’s really kind of hard to pin-point one specific place I love the most, but Naples, Italy is so close to my heart. I lived there and have so many friends and so much love from that place – and of course they know how to party! That is where I came into the forefront. I love playing everywhere though, the reactions I’ve had have been so great and heart-warming. The audience truly understands when a DJ comes to play for them, and I come to play. They get into what you are doing even if they may not understand the music at first – but good music is good music and I have never had a problem with any crowd ever.

Read the rest here