Thursday, 8 August 2013

FAVE FICTIONAL GAY BARS for Dalston Superstore

After last week's run-through of the best gay bars in Europe for DS, here's the follow up: my top 5 (6 actually) favourite fictional gay bars:

The Tool Box, Wayne’s World 2

A great little nod to The Village People and gay culture in general, this scene from Wayne’s World 2 is one of those rare comedy moments where gay bars and patrons are in on, rather than the butt of, the joke. In a way it also foreshadows Mike Myers’ gig as the ULTIMATE gay landlord, Steve Rubell of Studio 54, and also hints at the top-notch job Myers would do with the role.

Blue Oyster Bar, Police Academy

The, ahem, Daddy of them all. Say the words “gay bar” to most people and this is what most of them will answer with. Actually not as offensive as it could have been, Blue Oyster Bar is perhaps now most notable for its excellent choice in music.

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