Saturday, 29 June 2013

CVNT Kiki House EP out now!

New CVNT release “Kiki House" EP, available through Juno now:…ep/2218684-02/

Two extended dancefloor house jams that take the 90s deep house sound and marry it to more up-to-date, ballroom beats. This EP is me paying hommage to ‘Paris Is Burning’ and also the New Way voguing style.

About the sleeve:

I originally found this amazing image floating around FB over a year ago (in a slightly more cropped version). It cemented my idea to use the word “cunt" in my vogue-beats production title, as it showed how the term was used postively on the vogue/drag scenes.

This version is now the cover of the next CVNT release “Kiki House" EP, available on Juno Download.

I have also discovered the originator of the image, and the person who I thank for putting this definition out there: TEEN GANGZ aka BLKHSTRY BIG UP!!

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