Sunday, 16 June 2013

MYKKI BLANCO support slot

I had the pleasure of supporitng Mykki Blanco at Islington Mill in May.  It was an awesome gig. I was really curious to see Mykki live, and she didn't disappoint. In fact, she went way beyond what I was expecting.

What a brilliant gig; dark, thrilling and intense. Mykki is a great rapper with awesome freestyle flows, and the drag is definitely not a gimmick. She’s the real deal. She has an overall aesthetic that is tight and well thought out - she's not just another "queer rapper" spitting over random productions, she has a vision and it's great to see in practice. 

Musically and visually it all makes so much sense when you see Blanco live. The beats are heavy and ominous, and the rapping goes from in your face and hyped-up to introspective while still being mesmerising. There's a bit of valley girl going on with the persona too, but it feels natural, not forced. It's strange, it's hard to articulat this, but it does make a lot osense in the live context. Soo see the Mykki Blanco live experience if you can, you’ll come away a fan.


Just a picture of us chilling backstage with Mykki Blanco and Midnight Growler. Mykki was just about to go on, and I had just come off. And her jacket is BADASS!

And another pic of Mykki, this time a pre-show portrait by my sis Pam Van Damned.

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