Saturday, 22 June 2013

VJUAN ALLURE's guide to Ballroom Status

And now the final part in CVNTY's little Vjuan Allure love-in. Vjuan explained to me the different levels of “status" in the ballroom scene, ie the different rankings and how a performer progresses from one level to the next. This was originally for the Boing Boing ballroom article, but had to be left out. It is, however, definitely worth posting on its own. Read and learn, children: 
ICON Sinia Ebony

"STATUS:  Status as it relates to the Ballroom Scene is where you stand among everyone else in the scene and how you are perceived. It must be earned and it comes from Hard Work, Talent, Humility, and how you carry yourself within the scene.

There are four levels of Status:

1. Stars - you’re just starting but create a buzz through the ballroom, people are taking notice of you. 2-3 yrs)

2. Statements - You continue your rising in the scene and are ALWAYS giving a good battle, you’re winning a lot, and are demonstrating what it takes to make that impact on the scene. (4-8 yrs)

3. Legends - You consistently make an impact when you hit the floor, you’ve made ballroom moments, had great battles, and are looked upon as the cream of the crop in your category. (10yrs +)

4. Icon - You are the upper echelon of the ballroom, you’ve paved the way and defined what your category should be - it is patterned off of you. When your name is mentioned there is no question about what you’ve done to/for the scene. (15+yrs)

Though there are minimum measures of time needed to acquire the different stages of Status, there are exceptions to the rule and it depends on your impact/influence on the scene, making your ballroom moments memorable, exciting, and anticipatory."

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