Wednesday, 11 June 2014

post-PARIS IS BURNING vogue films playlist

I put together a playlist of short films (and short extracts from longer films) that people should watch once they have seen Paris Is Burning. These films fill in some of the gaps of PIB, give background details and information, and show where ballroom culture is at right now - which is important, as I feel people watch PIB and think they all there is to know about ballroom, which leads to this vibrant, living, breathing, evolving culture being dismissed as some kind of "90s relic", which plays into the kind of co-option and exploitation Madonna is guilty of. VOGUING IS NOT DEAD, IT IS ALIVE AND BETTER THAN EVER!

On this playlist you will find extracts form How Do I Look (the unofficial sequel to Paris Is Burning), footage of Crystal LaBeija in "The Queen", rare footage of Willi Ninja and pier kids voguing in the late80s/early90s, a film about the lost ballroom "classic" Icy Lake from LA's Fade To Mind label, a very short peek inside Vogue Knights (NY's weekly voguing showdown) and a look beyond the US scene to the modern voguers making Paris burn.

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