Thursday, 5 June 2014


Having gotten a bti sick of reading about how fabulous London's queer scene is atm, I decided to put something together for Thump about what's going on here in Mcr. I didn't think they'd publish this but they did! Kudos to Lauren and everyone at the site. :)

Bored of London's Queer Club Scene? Manchester's is Wild and Wonderful

Hey kids, wanna know how the media in the UK works? Here's a rule of thumb: if something is not happening in London, it's not happening. If a music scene doesn't have an outlet or any representation within the capital, then it obviously must not be happening anywhere in the country. Everywhere outside London is filled with behind-the-times bumpkins, who are desperate to emulate the forward fashions and tastes of swinging London.
Well fuck that noise. Right now, regional scenes are the healthiest they have ever been in the UK. In a way, you could even thank London for it - by ignoring what is going on around the country, these scenes have had a chance to flourish. 
I live and work in Manchester. Before I moved here, I lived and worked in Glasgow. Both cities have incredible live music and clubbing scenes - gay and straight, DIY and commercial. I'd like to tell you about some of the awesome shit that is going on in Manchester right now, particularly on the queer scene.

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