Thursday, 23 January 2014

CVNT TR4XXX @ Glasgow School Of Art relaunch

The Glasgow School Of Art students union holds many dear memories for me, so it's an honour to be playing at the re-launch: 

Croc V Croc presents:
Reopening of the Star Dancer Portal

Murlo / Stellar Om Source / Svengalisghost / Portal Creators / Fem Bitch Nation / Cvnt Traxxx / Jackie Your Body / Liene & Hannes / Sacred Paws / David Barbarossa / Fielding Hope

Thursday 23 January @ The Art School, Glasgow

The Art School's re-opening night sees illusive DIY extremists ‘Croc vs Croc’ curate an intergalactic line up of underground and idiosyncratic beats; traversing 22nd century grime & techno experiments, rhythmic nods to Pan-African dance iterations, sordid get-down live no-wave parties and the musical weaponry of the house-ballroom scene. Looking back at Croc’s six years of activity there’ll also be live bands across the venue - oozing out of side-rooms or interrupting a late night dance floor. Croc bring their peculiar narrative to the whole event; contextualizing it as members of Golden Teacher embark on a Sun Ra-esque mission to re-open a Portal to a radical rhythm of the past, or is it the future?

They've even called in their 'astral sisters' Gris Gala and Fielding Hope (Cry Parrot) to make interstellar contributions on the line-up, install and materials.

Expect mysterious documents, performers and shiny thrown-together costumes, installations on all floors, specially commissioned lighting automatons in the Assembly Hall, sound works on the staircase and projections outside and in.

Doors: 21:00
Price: £8 GSA / £10
Tickets available at The Art School from January

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