Sunday, 29 December 2013

DIVOLI S'VERE Ckuntinomksz 3.5 Mix

Divoli S'vere's remix of Britney's "Work Bitch" is my remix of the year, more on that in my ballroom top ten for Generation Bass. In the meantime, here's the next installment in Divoli's ongoing mix series Ckuntinomksz, with a frosty winter twist:

Divoli S'vere as Killer Frost gives everyone a very Merry XMas & Happy New Year! Here's a lil something I've been working on... As 2013 comes to an end ... 2014 IS THE YEAR OF THE SLAYERS! GET INTO THIS!!!!

Frost Bite Mix Tracklist

1. Applause Again (Another Standing O Remix)
2. Honest (Divoli's Deadass Refix)
3. Work Bitch (S'vere Gagginator Remix)
4. Bloody Leaves (Grand March Rip)
5. Haunted Ghost (Insidious Return Remix)
6. At The Ball [snippet]
7. Headband (S'vere Club Mix)
8. LoveMORE Pussy
9. The Read (Divoli S'vere Version)
10. Fuck It Up (Trinidad's S'vere Remix)
11. When You Lick (SuperSoaked Remix)
12. That Butch Ckunt
13. Im So... [snippet]
14. Shady [snippet]

The Frost Bite No Shade Mix
Featuring :
Dj Delish - The Engineer
Kevin JZ Prodigy - The Commentation of 2003
Dj Angel X - Bango 2010
Siir Eddie - I Have 1 Thing 2 Say Runway
Capitol Kaos - Who's The Baddest Bitch
VJtheDJ - No They Won't

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