Saturday, 28 December 2013

B AMES IS ON FIRE {Free Downloads]

GODAMMIT! I would never normally play any Gaga in my DJ sets, but between this and remixes by Boyfriends and Jay Neutron (and my own hi-nrg remix fo rMenergy) I've been made to eat my own words. In fact, ArtPop contains some of the first music by Gaga that I genuinely like. Hmm. ANyway, hats off to B for the awesome remix (as usual): 

LADY GAGA & R KELLY Do What You Want Remix

BONUS! A dj set featuring some of her own work and influences: 
1. Disclosure - Voices (Wookie Remix)
2. Enur + Natasja - Calabria 2007
3. Tyga - Rack City (DJ Diz Remix)
4. I Wanna' Be Down (Lucifuck Remix)
5. The Ha Dance
6. David Guetta + Rihanna- Right Now
7. Kid Sister- Switch Board
8. Leggo - I Chant, You Vogue
9. Manila Luzon - Bring It! (B. Ames Remix)
10. Early Ross - Why Don't You Do Right (B. Ames Remix)
11. Unknown - Circular Motion (MikeQ Club Edit)
12 . Unknown - Work Me (B. Ames Remix)

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