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Realness with a Twist-The Stonewall Riots $200
The Stonewall Riots was a historic movement in a community wanting to be accepted and treated equally as their fellow New Yorkers. On June 28, 1969, gay and trans New Yorkers fought back against the NYPD in a single moment that would change an entire nation. Tonight for your tens come as a police officer with a sign protesting against a fellow competitor who you feel should not be walking Realness with a Twist. For your battles come back dressed as one of the protestors of the Stonewall Riots (Gay and Proud).

Old Way .vs. New Way-Pop Art Censored
Though Pop Art was said to have started in the early 1900s, it wasn’t until the arrival of artists like Keith Haring and the Prince of Pop Art himself Andy Warhol where their work became truly controversial. Tonight, Old Way use Andy Warhol’s work as an inspiration and New Way use Keith Haring as inspiration for your effects.

BQID .vs. FQ Performance- Identity Thief of a Female Rapper $200
Rap and controversy in the mid-1990s belonged to one individual alone Lil’ Kim. With her scandalous outfits, raunchy lyrics, and constant appearance on magazine and tabloid covers, Lil’ Kim was definitely the Queen of Female Rap. However, in 2010, the world started to become familiar with a new Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj. Nicki like Kim has the avant-garde outfits and appearances some say mimics Lil’ Kim’s to the T. It became so tense that the two even began to record dis-tracks. Tonight FQs bring it as Lil’ Kim and BQID as Nicki Minaj, let’s see who really sits on the throne.

Women’s Performance- The Ice Queen $100
In 1994, the USA had women’s figure skating on lock with stars such as Kristi Yamaguchi, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. The three held gold, silver, and bronze medals in the prior Winter Olympic Games and planned on doing the same in the 1994 Winter Olympics. However, while training Nancy Kerrigan was brutally attacked by an individual who was connected to rival and teammate, Tonya Harding. Tonight bring it in a look inspired by a Women’s Female Figure Ice Skater.

BQ Face: The White Glove $100
The Iconic Michael Jackson is known as one of the most influential person in music as well as one of the most controversial due to the many of false allegations that he was charged with over the years. Tonight, we want to end the allegations by having BQ Face children create their carta without paint. Tonight come in any look you would like. However you will be asked to wear a white glove just to wipe your mug---if accused.

FQ Face: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
Marilyn Monroe is said to have been one of the most controversial women that has ever lived. She is known for her sexy and seductive aura and for her many diamonds she received as gifts from her male friends. Tonight inspired by Marilyn come glamorously done, but don’t forget your diamonds.

Women’s Face: Missed Miss America
In 1984, Vanessa Lynn Williams was crowned Miss America. Vanessa was plagued with hate mails and threats from her being the first African American Major Beauty Pageant holder in the USA. Yet her most startling threat came later that year when Penthouse Magazine released a statement that they were going to publish nude photos that she has posed for. Eventually, Vanessa resigned her title due to funders who threatened to pull out of the Miss America franchise. Tonight as the beauty queen come with a crown and sash.

BQID Face: Studio 54
From the lights to the music, to the crowd, and the scandals, Studio 54 night-club is known as the one of the best Disco clubs of America. Tonight we want you to take the look of Studio 54 night-club goers and to turn it into beauty by infusing the story of Disco into your makeup and outfit.

Butch vs. Trans-Man Realness: Sammy the Bull $100
When it comes to the Mafia, controversy seems to always follow. However, one thing that is not tolerated in the Mafia is a RAT a/k/a informer. On November 11, 1991, John Gotti and the Gambino crime family learned that their underboss known as Sammy “the Bull” Gravano had become a FBI informer. Tonight, we would like Butches dressed like a Mafia Lord and Trans-Man like a FBI Agent.

FQ Realness: The Blue Dress in the Oval Office
Who can forget the controversy surrounding President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski? Tonight bring it in a blue dress but make sure there is no stain to get you clocked.

Drags Realness: Amy Fisher
Young, gullible and in love is what drove Amy Fisher to commit a heinous crime against Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Tonight, the love of your life is simply realness and you’re taking shots at anyone who dares. Dressed as a high school teen girl, bring a picture of your rival who you wish to shoot down with realness.

Big Girl Realness (BQID vs. FQ): Bloomberg’s Plan vs. The First Lady’s Proposal $100
Mayor Bloomberg has put a stop to the purchase of any soda beverages more the 24 oz. at local businesses mainly fast food restaurants to stop the increasing obesity rate in NYC. But on the other hand Michelle Obama decided to come out with work-out routines for her efforts to stop obesity. Tonight you are not going for it or any ban of that matter. Come in honor of your favorite fast food restaurant with props and all, and tell the judges why there shouldn’t be a band on anything…well your favorite food especially. Or come dressed in work-out gear to show that you are into keeping healthy.

BQ Team Realness: Gay’s in the Military: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! $300
Tonight we are looking for 3 different types of BQ Realness, from 3 different houses, representing 3 different branches of the USA military. In honor of the former “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy each member must be unclockable, for if not, your team will be discharged from the battle zone.

Female Figure Runway: The Runway Rivalry $100
In mainstream fashion there is said to be only room for one black female top model. For years we have seen Naomi Campbell wear the crown of the Queen of Runway. Yet, some will disagree and claim that the Queen of Runway is Tyra Banks and not Ms. Naomi. The disagreement even begun to surface between the two models with shade and reads. Tonight we would like to end our own battle of what gender really runs Female Figure Runway. Women vs. BQID vs. FQ
The look is totally up to you; however, the walk must be ovah.

All American Runway: The Traditional American Look vs. The Avant-Garde Look
When it comes to the different traditional American designers and the looks they want their male models to reflect, there is not much difference between the design houses. However, in the new era of things American designers have become more avant-grade and flamboyant with their styles and models. Tonight, you decide what side of the fence you stand on. Bring it in a traditional American look or an Avant-Garde Euro-American look.

OTA Labels: IRS and The Stars
We have all heard the controversial stories about celebrities and their mismanagement of taxes. Tonight the star is not Lauryn Hill or Wesley Snipes, it’s you, and instead of tax receipts we want to see labels….really, the labels.

Best Dressed: The Fashion Police
Will your look be the next to experience Joan Rivers disapproval? Or will Kelly Osbourne go crazy over your style?

Bizarre: The Call Me Now Gimmick! $100
Ms. Cleo fooled us all once we found out that her zodiac psychic readings were not only wrong but untrue. Tonight using the zodiac as your muse, show us that your prediction of winning bizarre at the Latex ball is not a gimmick when you captivate the judges and destroy your competitors.

Sex Siren and Body
BQ Sex Siren: The Calvin Klein AD $200
In the 90s designer Calvin Klein and his sexy male underwear commercials were TV censor organizations’ main target. Tonight we would like for you to revisit the original commercials and bring us that classic Calvin Klein look.

FQ Sex Siren: The Playboy Mansion
Hugh Heffner’s home is known for many scandals, controversy, and if not anything else the sexy playgirls that flood his mansion. Tonight bring it as a sexy Playboy Pin-up.

BQ Body: Mr. Olympia
There has been controversy surrounding the Mr. Olympia Contest since the start of the organization. The majority of the controversy stems from the contestants and the use of steroids, which are not permitted to be used. Tonight, bring us nothing but body in the colors of red, white, and blue.

Women’s Body: Anna Nicole Smith
We all fell in love with Anna’s blonde-girl antics and her silly characters. But her millionaire husband fell in love with her luscious body. Can you make the judges fall in love with your body?

Mini Grand Prizes
BQ Vogue Femme & BQ Runway: The Military Draft (The Top 20 invitees)
The idea of a military draft is an ancient one, used around the world. In America, a form of a draft was first used at the start of World War One and most controversial during The Vietnam War. Under increasing pressure, Congress discontinued the draft in 1973, and the new, all-volunteer army began.

Tonight we will bring back the draft lottery to Ballroom by hand-selecting the Top 20 individuals of BQ Vogue Femme and BQ European Runway. Only these chosen individuals are allowed to compete for the BQ vogue femme and BQ Runway category. The effect is totally up to you. The catch is that there will only be one winner and the battles will be chosen through the luck of drawing names out of a hat.
BQ Vogue Femme Invitees: $500 plus $20 pot
Alex Mugler, Baby Hurricane Khan, Bambi Revlon, Bamzy Garcon, Boom Revlon, Bootz 007, Chaos Mizrahi, Chi-Chi Mizrahi, Dae-Dae 007, Divo Icon, Elzon Ebony, Justin Khan, Lil’James Khan, Lil’ Ronnie Aga, Lil’ Vick Prodigy, Lollipop 007, Magic Khan, Moo-Moo Ebony, Niama Mugler, Omari Mizrahi, Pumps Mizrahi, Salina Prodigy, Smiley 007, Tails Mizrahi, Tiny Aga

BQ Runway Invitees $500 plus $20 pot
Aliquon Pocotti, Boi-Boi Khan, Corey Chanel, Demetri Mugler, Dvon Garcon, Durrell Milan, Egypt Garcon, Giovanni Khan, Iman Aga, Iman Milan, Justice Aga, Kenyatta Xistence, Kwon Ebony , Lil John Khan , Meme Khan, Mini Me Milan, Oreo Mugler, Peppa Khan, Rodney Lavin, T.K. Chanel, Tez 007, Toxic Mizrahi, Tracey Prodigy, Trez Prodigy, Twiggy Garcon

Legendary Categories: The Controversial Win (Legendary FACE, RUNWAY, REALNESS & PERFORMANCE) $150 each
If you ask any legend of any category about a time when they should have won grand prize but didn’t due to shade, drama, or controversy, we guarantee you there will be a hundred stories. Tonight you are the legend and you are telling us the story of when you lost a ball that clearly you should have won. Recreate the look, bring the attitude and hopefully this time the ending of this story will be different--without all the controversy.

The Rise of a Generation: As a House Production (KiKi House .vs. Major House) $500
This year in the ballroom scene there has been controversy surrounding its future due to the popularity of the Kiki scene and the lack of participation of the new generation in the major scene. Many KiKi participants say that the major scene is shady and unfair, and they would rather just walk in the KiKi functions. On the other hand, many major scene participants feel like the KiKi is a waste of time and doesn’t really prepare its youth for the real scene. Tonight as a house, showcase to the audience scene your talents by presenting a production that includes 1 Runway, 1 Face, 1 Realness, 1 Fashion and 1 Performance. The production must include a message tackling the issues of the Ballroom community (for example; HIV/AIDS, violence, homelessness) and how your house will help in its resolution.

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