Saturday, 3 January 2015

KEVIN PRODIGY interview for Thump US

So I managed to get an interview with the legendary and elusive KEVIN PRODIGY, whose voice you will have heard by now all over ballroom and vogue music by now. The interview covers Kevin's guest spot on the recently released "Bad Bitch" by Gage, and features Gage and label boss Andy Musgrave talking about the influence of ballroom on other genres:

THUMP: Kevin Prodigy is a pretty big deal in the world of vogue and ballroom. How did Crazylegs come to release “Bad Bitch”?
Andy Musgrave: Yeah it’s a huge honor for us. Kevin’s an absolute legend. Gage’s stuff has started to lean towards that modern ballroom sound in the last year, at least rhythmically—stripped back, harsh, driving beats. In terms of attitude, it’s the embodiment of what we do. “Bad Bitch” is totally new in so many ways, as a culturally meeting point this just doesn’t usually happen.

Kevin Prodigy: Gage inboxed me on SoundCloud and asked me if I wanted to do a song with him. And you know me, I'm open to new ideas and like to jump out of the box a lot. This was a good opportunity for me to work with someone not in America. So I just did it and it turned out really, really great!


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