Tuesday, 5 November 2013

TRACK MEET interview

I'M HOT 4 TRACK MEET. After two brilliant free mixtapes (featuring some of my favourite producers), some awesome looking parties, and a Tumblr full of insane pictures, I had to get the low down on who and what Track Meet is. I knew it was something to do with Ynfynyt Scroll (who I love anyways, and have covered on CVNTY before), so I sent him some questions to get his head round, to open his heart, and to inspire us all with Track Meet's universal love: 

What is Track Meet?

A DJ crew and nascent net label. We throw parties and play at other people’s parties and it all sort of runs concurrently alongside our own personal projects we have going. We’ve released two compilations thus far featuring mostly American but also some international artists, both of which we’re very proud of and both of which also encapsulate the sound we’re looking for as DJs and producers.

Who is Track Meet? 

Ynfynyt Scroll, AiR DJ and Shooknite [above].

Why is Track Meet?

Some time in 2010, Track Meet was founded by myself and Shooknite as a way to blend the worlds of music we were currently into. I came from a Detroit techno, Chicago house, Dutch electro-heavy background and he came from a fidget, garage, footwork, “bass music” type background, with southern rap being the major common denominator. We realized there was not only a lot of crossover between these music worlds, but that we were also intent on blending them rather forcefully in our sets. We began throwing parties and eventually we started throwing bigger, more immersive and curated ones and bringing in guests like Nguzunguzu and Zebra Katz and Dubbel Dutch, and some time in 2012 AiR DJ, who came from the same techno background as me and who had been my DJ and production partner for years, was integrated into Track Meet.

Another thing that was important for us in regard to why it was so necessary for us to form Track Meet is for the irl solidarity it brought us. Texas, while it does have many incredible, forward-thinking artists, is also incredibly huge and can feel very lonely for someone who has a very net-focused sensibility. We all push each other and shared ideas to form a kind of 3-person community that makes it feel a lot less isolated.

When / Where is Track Meet?

2010 – present, Dallas, TX

What the inspiration for this mixtape? 

In writing the description for the mixtape, I had no choice but to use the phrase “small-room club music”. It’s literally just the opposite of giant superclub, big-room sensibilities. Music that’s lean, evolves quickly, picks up different techniques and tendencies and casts them off just as fast. Our obsession with latin sounds comes out pretty strongly in this tape, as well as Track Meet’s grime leanings. None of this was really our doing, by the way, this is simply what our favorite producers aka the people we asked to be on this mixtape submitted. The only criteria we really gave to any of the producers who submitted tracks was that we were wanting it to have mostly latin-based sounds, but what we got was a very focused sound that mixes a lot of elements of bubbling and tuki bass with some of grime and techno. 

How did you get the artists together for it? 

Just by asking them. Pretty much everybody we asked said yes.

If TM was a film what would it be and why? 

A porn in which all the actors were wearing high performance sports clothing.

If it was a cologne how would it smell?

Like the smell of Coolwater in a locker room after the state championships.

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