Friday, 31 May 2013


The posts before this one are me showing off what I do musically, setting a context for what’s coming up.

The next post is detailed introduction to the world of Ballroom/voguing I wrote for the website I’d like to thank Rob and Xeni for the encouragement with this article! Writing and researching it has been the inspiration for starting this blog, getting these voices and personalities out there for people to read about and watch/listen.

There’s a lot more of this coming up, including full interviews with people featured in the Boing Boing piece, with people I interviewed but that there simply wasn’t enough room to feature, and with artists/dancers/musicians/djs/etc who are connected this world and that I want to help get out there.

I will also be linking to video clips, pictures and audio tracks that I like and generally fit the “vogue”, “gay”, or “house” themes. I will be cross posting articles on these themes I have written for other websites/publications, and as I write full time for the blog, expect some cross posts by myself and other writers from there.

The Niallist aka Niall

PS there will be swearing.

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